Author: Emily Song

Sierra Boggess Sings “Think of Me” as Britney Spears

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Broadway star Sierra Boggess, who played Christine in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Arial in THE LITTLE MERMAID, answers fan questions. One of her pre-show rituals is to sing Broadway musicals as Britney Spears.

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The Phantom of the Opera in 9 Languages

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Song: The Phantom of the Opera
Languages: English(Original), Spanish(Mexico), Chinese, German, Korean, English, French, Japanese & Italian.
Singer in order:

  • Emmy Rossum
  • (unknown)
  • Kris Phillips
  • Luzia Nistler & Alexander Goebel
  • (unknown)
  • Sarah Brightman & Antonio Banderas
  • C├ęcilia

“Kinky Boots” Stars Billy Porter & Stark Sands Answer Fan Questions

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